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I was raised in West Texas and I had minimal art training, just a very limiting art teacher in high school…but I knew that I had artistic talent. I left for North Texas State University, (now University of North Texas) at the ripe old age of 18 thinking I was going to become a famous artist. Life events happen and I ended up married at 19, moving to Houston in 1974, and beginning my school career at the University of Houston. It was the most incredible school I could have landed in. I was in the art program for 11 years, taking class after class from so many dynamic professors that I lost count. I took as many classes as I could from James Surls, John Alexander, Derrick Bossier, Chuck Dugan, Richard Anzelone, Susan and Ed Hill, Gael Stack. My classmates were Paul Kittleson, Don Redman, Rick Lowe, and countless other extremely gifted artists. I was so lucky to be rubbing elbows and creative minds with so many awesome individuals. The Art department at University of Houston was intoxicating!!! I stepped over to the dance department and was on the dance company for 6 years to boot…all this and working full time to pay for school. I received the best education ever all the way around, and even earned a BA in Behavioral Sciences along the way.

Somewhere in my many college hours I had the foresight to get a Texas teaching certificate in secondary art. Even though I had been working as a social worker since I was 20, I needed a job that gave the same hours as my 3 year old son since I was a new divorcee. So I began my teaching career in Houston ISD in 1984. What a fantastic job!! I combined my two loves - making art and making the world a little better one child at a time. So many life changing events happened for me and my 8,000+ students; it was an honor to be part of their lives. I have taught every facet of Fine Arts you can imagine, from art history to painting, drawing, sculpture, welding, photography - you name it - as a high school Art teacher you do it all.

I single-handedly began the art car program in school in HISD in 1990, and my students have won first place in the Houston Art Car parade every year - a massive community art project that has become my passion. I also started the Art Advocacy Program in HISD to take physically and mentally challenged high school students to another level in their art, and create bonds between regular education students as they become their art buddies. I love my job!! I am extremely connected to the art community in Houston and have made sure my students are too.

With over 30 years teaching experience coupled with a strong background in both Art and Psychology, I have developed my own style of teaching. It is built around a unique curriculum that instills my students not only with the necessary technical skills, but also motivates them through an appreciation of their own abilities and of art as a dynamic medium, allowing them to experience success throughout the year. I have been a driving force behind bringing the Art Car to the forefront of art education, as well as involving my students in other community art projects which in turn have allowed them to gain valuable insight into not only themselves but the community as a whole. The crux of my teaching experience has always helped my students become well rounded, confident individuals.

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